All About Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of combined excitement as well as apprehensions! There’s joy because of the new life growing within the expectant mother’s uterus, but there is also anxiety due to the not-so-comfortable changes happening in her body! Although these feelings of discomfort will definitely vanish eventually as each experienced mom will tell her, the new mother-to-be does need some initial help in dealing with those early pregnancy symptoms.

Birth, Child, Female, Fetus, Girl, HumanLuckily for the pregnant woman, medical knowledge has advanced so much that she can choose the aid of contemporary procedures to handle her early pregnancy symptoms. And tried and proven approaches employed by earlier generations are also there as a standby!

There are three major early pregnancy symptoms which are experienced by pregnant women in general-

(1) there’s a general sense of exhaustion and lessening of vitality. There are great hormonal changes taking place within the expectant mother’s body as it is trying to give support for the growing fetus within her womb. And her body systems also appear to be working overtime!

The only solution for this is getting plenty of rest, which the mother-to-be finds a little difficult to do. Support from her male partner and other members of the household is essential here. She can even resort to 20-minute naps at intervals.

(2) Who hasn’t heard of morning sickness? These early pregnancy symptoms of nausea and vomiting seem so common that individuals feel amazed when they hear that some pregnant women have never experienced them! The term is a misnomer as the signs can be shown at any time of the day, not in the morning itself.

There are different remedies suggested with this particular malady, which include-drinking tea spiced with ginger or peppermint, drinking lemon lime soda, consuming saltine crackers, or ingesting a snack (small quantity) high in protein before bedtime. This symptom does not last after the first 3 months, except in rare instances.

(3) Dizziness can also be among the early pregnancy symptoms. It is not as common an experience as the above-mentioned ones, however a vast majority of pregnant women do get affected. It is often quite harmful and also the mother-to-be must keep a careful watch . She could fall abruptly or even collapse and hurt herself. The major cause for this symptom is a decreasing blood sugar level. Since the infant gets its food via the mother’s nutrition, blood glucose levels tend to get changed more rapidly in a pregnant woman than in a woman who isn’t.

The solution to this is extremely easy. The new mom must make sure that she sticks to appropriate mealtimes and doesn’t skip any. In reality, eating small snacks at regular periods can prevent this symptom from happening, which can be hard if you are still full time employee at Raccoon Removal Daytona FL.

Early pregnancy symptoms are going to be present, whether the mother-to-be likes it or not. Though she can’t wish them away, she can at least make an effort to lessen the impact by following simple guidelines. It would be better to focus on her baby and take good care of herself.