The Fitness Center – Is It Necessary

For the best results, do you really need to work out at a commercial gym or fitness center? Absolutely not! With a little bit of motivation, you can do perfectly fine working out at home. If there’s enough space available, you can set up a great home gym for minimal financial outlay – but it’s not really even necessary to have a dedicated gym to get a great workout.

Many people have abandoned the idea of creating their own workout area because they believed that they needed to duplicate the equipment at the local fitness center. Who has space for that?However, there’s no need. You can work your entire body in a basic home gym with just an adjustable bench and some adjustable dumbbells. If you want to add straight bars, then you also need some sort of spotting device like safety stands. And A chin-up bar would be a great addition.

If you have the funds and space, you can add some dedicated equipment like a pulldown machine, and/or some aerobic machines such as a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

But if you don’t have the funds or space for a home gym, you can still get a great workout at home. If you want the convenience of a machine, try a Total Gym or one of the many similar machines available today. They fold up to fit under a bed or in a closet when not in use.

Otherwise, consider bodyweight training. Over the past twenty or thirty years, with the increased popularity of commercial gyms, bodyweight training has been greatly ignored. People think that they can’t get a decent workout, and therefore results, without using free weights or machines. Thankfully, however, a number of people promoting bodyweight exercises lately have contributed to something of a renaissance in its popularity.

You can get great results from using your own weight with no additional equipment but think about picking up a few accessories such as a removable chin-up bar, an aerobic step (which comes in handy for much besides aerobics), and some elastic resistance cables with handles.

Now, what kind of bodyweight exercises can you do? For strength training, try pushups, chin ups or pull ups, situps or crunches, curls with resistance bands, bodyweight squats, lunges, dips, wall sits for a time and much more.

The objection that usually comes up here is that an exercise is too easy (some guys can do a hundred pushups) or too hard (many people can’t complete a single pull-up) to be useful. The answer to that is that you don’t do the standard exercise. If a pushup is too easy, raise your feet up on an aerobic bench. Still, too easy, raise them up onto a sturdy (important!) table. When you get to the point of having your feet up against the wall, you’ll be pretty strong and probably have built some serious muscle, but it becomes more of a shoulder press at that point, so try going lower and putting your looping some resistance bands over your back while holding the handles. This can be made difficult enough for the strongest person. Conversely, someone that can’t do one pull-up can start with chin ups (hands facing face). If those are impossible, put your feet on a stable chair so that you’re only lifting your upper body’s weight, or use the resistance straps as assistance under your shins. To make bodyweight squats harder, do them on one leg. When that’s easy, stand on the aerobic step so you can go lower. This will help balance in addition to building strength.

As far as aerobics, there’s always fast walking, jogging, or bike riding. But if you want some variety, or the weather’s lousy, or you just don’t have the time, try doing things like bear crawls, jumping jacks, walking lunges, jumping rope, or burpees. You can find performance instructions for these exercises and much more on the net. Do one exercise for a period of anywhere from twenty seconds to five minutes, rest long enough to partially recover, then go on to a different exercise. This is known as ‘interval’ training and it’s extremely effective at promoting fat loss and fitness.

So while gyms and fitness centers certainly have their place, they’re not necessary if you have the motivation to get fit while saving time and money.